Narrate Your Own Book – You wrote it. Now narrate it.

You wrote your own book.
Now, narrate your own book.
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You wrote your own book.
Now, narrate your own book.

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Above, a brand new free mini-course to help you become the voice of your own audiobook.

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You wrote your book.
Now, narrate your book.

Here’s a powerful, comprehensive course will show you exactly how to do that.

Quickly prep your manuscript and start your narration

Your home teaching space is your haven, your HQ, your production floor. Learn how to choose it, outfit it and work from it.

Get the right gear to look and sound great

Quickly zoom in on your options for camera, mic, lights and more with battle-tested recommendations you can rely on.

Record, edit, master, release and promote your audiobook

Learn how to create a classroom culture that gives your students every advantage to make online learning spectacular.

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Actors, voice talent, professional audiobook narrators have been training with David H. Lawrence XVII for over two decades. And now, authors who want to voice the titles theyve written are learning professional audiobook narration and production…narrating their own books.

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