Lesson 1 – Narrate Your Own Book

How To Narrate Your Own Book:
Prepping Your Manuscript and Setting Up Your Home Studio
(Lesson 1)

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20 thoughts on “Lesson 1”

  1. David H. Lawrence XVII

    Welcome to this first of three free video lessons in How To Narrate Your Own Book!

    Feel free to ask your questions here…I am ready to answer them and help you begin your journey as an author who is also the narrator of their audiobook titles, for Audible and for any other production platform or publisher you want to work with.

    And remember, if you miss one of the videos, you can click on the little image of that video below the main video on this page, and it will take you to that video that you missed.

    So…Just post your questions below.

    1. David, I really really want to watch this, but it’s not on my “immediately need to do” list and without a 2X speed option, I just can’t spend the time. Can you add speed control??

  2. Thank you David I learned so much from your, first video. I’m excited for the next, I know Donna Kozik referred you because your the best at what you do. I a someone just getting started I feel you can help me achieve my goals in getting my book on Audible etc. Thank you aging for every thing.

    1. David H. Lawrence XVII

      Awesome! I hope you get even more out of the next two lessons. And I love your email address! Is that the title of your book?

  3. Patricia Crossley

    Hi David, I’d love to listen to your course, but I get the message “Sorry, because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here” … here being where I live ie in France? Any way around this?
    All the best

    1. David H. Lawrence XVII

      Yeah, you’ll have to use a VPN – we can only make the videos available in the countries where what we teach about ACX can actually be used. I’m sure you’ve had to use a VPN for other things that are geofenced, and I’m sorry that that’s the case, but hopefully that helps!

    1. David H. Lawrence XVII

      I’ve never used one of those myself, and I don’t know what your environment is now (that you’re trying to quiet). I did notice how small it is and thought it might be difficult to sit in with a small desk to hold your gear on. You do NOT want to stand when narrating your own book.

    1. David H. Lawrence XVII

      Nope. But…the way we teach you to position and scroll your manuscript on your screen as you narrate, behind your Audacity recording window, acts as one. No need for a separate device.

  4. Hi David,

    My book is almost ready for release on Amazon KDP as a paperback and then will be released as an EBook.
    I actually did voice over in LA. I’m a member os SAG-AFTRA since 2003 (Still SAG back then).

    I would love to use my own voice for narrating my book, and I think it’s just knowing where to start.

    Thanks so much for providing this wonderful training!


    1. David H. Lawrence XVII

      Hello, union sister! I love how much overlap there is between different creative communities.

      I do hope we give you more than just where to start in these lessons, but also where to go next. There’s lots here to gather – if you have any questions, you now know where to ask!

  5. A friend gave me a Blue Yeti a few years ago when I mentioned that I was starting to think about adding audiobooks to my publishing company’s offerings. Is that “too much” microphone for an audiobook? I’d like to be cheap, too, (and free certainly fits that case!) but I want the quality to be what the audiobook audience expects. Should I still invest in the AT2020?

    1. David H. Lawrence XVII

      The Yeti is actually one I avoid – the electronics aren’t as good in the Yeti as they are in the AT-2020. And I wouldn’t invest in anything just yet – there are some details coming you might want to hear first.

  6. I’d been thinking about this for a while (and someone actually suggested I do it, even though my “voice” experience consists only of talking on a police radio). When I heard you on Grammar Girl today, though, I decided to go for it. I’ve got a month ahead of packing and prepping to move, but I am going to fit this into my schedule too (as I also final-edit my 6th book). I might actually start with it since the first five books are a series (which I like, but which will obviously take a while to do).

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